Get to Know the New Trifecta Professional PUBG Team!

Published on November 16, 2017 Back to News

Trifecta has picked up 4 new players to join the roster! With various backgrounds in shooters and competitive gaming, these guys are looking to bring nothing but the best. Read our interview with the squad to learn more about them and where they come from.

ItzSwisher (Captain): SW


Imagiine: IM

iSykotik: IS

How did you hear about PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS? Was it a game you imagined competing in?

SW: I heard about PUBG before the alpha release and was excited WAY before it ever was let out and the moment it was, best believe I was playing. I did imagine competing in PUBG because I came from a high tier FPS background with CoD 4 and CS 1.6.

1N: I was an H1Z1 player from launch, and when I heard Brandon Greene was developing a new game, I was instantly interested in it. I was in the day the pre-alpha opened, and I've been playing it since. I never imagined it would be such a popular game.

IM: I heard about PUBG through some friends and mostly just seeing people play it on twitch. I always thought it looked cool and I liked the idea of the game. So I caved and I bought the game and here I am like 1000 hours later!

IS: I was first recommended it during my time as Rainbow 6 Player. At the time I imagined it to be more of a recreational game for my friends and I, but quickly realized the competitive potential.

It’s pretty obvious that PUBG is in its early stages of esports development. What do you think makes this specific game stand out the most?

SW: I think this game will stand out the most in eSports for its high risk high reward gameplay. Ever since the books and movie came out for the "Hunger Games" most of the modern world has been encompassed by this "Battle Royal" genre. Everyone finds it entertaining and exciting and PUBG is the perfect BR experience for the player and the viewer.

1N: I feel like PUBG stands out as an eSport because of the constant dynamic gameplay, and perma-death system. In PUBG, if you make one mistake, it's game over. However, games like CSGO, LoL, and others of the sort, you have more time to fix mistakes during gameplay before you lose.

What bought you guys to Trifecta? What decision was made to go out and seek an organization?

SW: Trifecta caught my eye within the SMITE community as well as my previous relationship with "KRanK" and "ShooK". It was a very easy decision for our team to come work with Trifecta. The decision to go seek out an organization was driven by the intuition I have in my gut, I truly believe in this roster and that it will be successful in the highest leagues and on LAN, we are ready.

IS: As a consistently competitive player I hit a point where I needed to decide whether I should fully invest myself or draw back and continue to play for fun. I was fortunate enough to have caught the attention of Swisher and moved forward in playing with him. As our team came together we began to recognize a common goal which in turn pushed us to further our reach into the competitive scene. The decision to sign with veterans of the organization scene (ShooK/KranK) was not a hard one to make.

You 4 seem to have a great dynamic where you compete well and at the same time can laugh in coms. Does this “bond” give you guys an edge over the competition, or is it too much that you have to noticeably calm down the squad?

IM: I think being able to have a good time is key to developing a team. If you can't have fun together you will never work well together. I think we all know pretty well that there is a time to have fun and a time to turn it off and be serious. We are all pretty good at flipping that switch when the time calls.

IS: I believe its Pro's outweigh the Con's. Meshing well as a group has allowed us to push each other harder than most teams. There will always be times where we put enjoyment over engagement, but in the long run I think we can maintain the composure necessary to take us to the top.

Where can people watch you? When is the next big match?!

SW: You can tune in to my stream @ and I always tweet updates & when I'm live on twitter @ The next big match we have streamed is on the 23rd for the GLL Qualifiers at 10pm EST @

1N: People can follow my social media on Twitter: Watch me stream live on Twitch at:

IM: Anyone who ever wants to watch me can do so by tuning in to my stream @ ! You can also follow me on Twitter:

IS: Starting in November i'll be streaming full time, as for right now Swisher and Imagiine stream on a regular basis using the Twitch platform. You can also follow me on Twitter @


Amanda Zelauskas