SPL Roster Announcement!

Published on May 28, 2018 Back to News

It’s that time again! The Summer Split is just around the corner, and as such, the Trifecta Smite roster has seen a couple of changes. Steven “Zapman” Zapas will be taking a seat on the bench while Michael “Metyankey” Fasciano, our midlaner, will be heading over to the duo lane to take his place. In need of an exceptional midlaner to fill that hole, Trifecta is proud to announce that Paul “Paul” Berger will be joining the Smite squad as our newest member. The team was eager to sit down with us and answer a couple of questions about their preparations for the upcoming split of competition.

So Paul, first off, congratulations on finally making it to the SPL! How does it feel?

Paul: “It feels really good.”

Talk to me a little bit about your journey through competitive Smite: Xbox, Anxiety Onset (AX), and the lot of it.

Paul: “I played 3v3 Joust tournaments for gems and I had a friend who suggested I come to Xbox. I said no, but I opened my front door one day and there was a free Xbox sitting there, so I finally said all right. Then I played Xbox and placed second at the 2016 World Championship with Cognitive Gaming. Eventually I went to the Smite Minor League and my team, AX, went 22-0 in the league and won 2-0 at the recent Masters LAN. Then one day I checked my Twitter to see I had an SPL tryout.”

What’s it been like playing with Trifecta? Is it much different than how it was with AX?

Paul: “Yeah, it’s really different. On AX, I used to get a ton of solo farm and just farm everyone in the Minor League, but now on Trifecta I have to play a lot more coordinated with the team.”

You’re known for having a pretty eccentric god pool, so how have you been adjusting it as you’ve been practicing with Trifecta?

Paul: “I have been playing meta picks a bit more, but I won’t hesitate to lock in one of my classics.”

How does Paul fit in with Trifecta?

NeiruMah: “Bringing Paul into the midlane has been a fairly easy transition. Our synergy still needs a little bit of work, but we are improving quickly as a team due to his innate talent in the mid position.”

Since Paul has filled up the mid role, Metyankey has gone back to ADC. How has the switch been for Met? Of course, it’s not his first time playing ADC competitively, but it has been a while since his last period of time in the duo lane.

Paul: “I’ve only been on the team for a short while, but I almost forgot that he was a mid player. There’s never been a moment where he didn’t know the ADC meta.”

How’s the synergy working between Met and Neil?

NeiruMah: “Met has always been a top ADC player. We used to play together last year, so the synergy is already strong. He has confidence in his ADC play even though he has been playing mid recently. It really shows.”

What have you guys been focusing on improving since last split?

Metyankey: “We’ve really been improving on backline synergy between Paul and I. Paul was used to dominating the Minor League, so a bit of playstyle adjustments had to be made to accompany the different level of composition. Additionally, I have had to work a lot on laning in Season 5 because it is drastically different from the seasons I’ve played hunter in. Altogether, we get along very well and have similar mindsets which facilitates our improvement.”

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