Trifecta Acquires RUSH PUBG

Published on April 21, 2018 Back to News

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is the increasingly popular battle royale game that pits players against each other in a tactical war until only one team remains alive on the battlefield. Today, Trifecta is excited to announce our entrance onto the competitive PUBG scene, with a roster that is hungry for success.This new Trifecta team emerged out of two prior competitive squads, known as RUSH and MLGB. Although they are a newly formed squad for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, they have had instant synergy. This squad stays calm and collected, progressing through intense situations with quick thinking. With open mindsets, the team is constantly adapting to develop new strategies This talented squad is poised to continue to dominate the opposition, as they have done in recent months. Be sure to check out all of the players below, and join us in welcoming them to the family.

Andrew “Soko” Sokolowski

Hailing from Ohio, Sokolowski has over 2,000 hours in PUBG. He excels in the intense, fast-paced moments, thanks to his communication skills and overall firepower. His desire to compete against the best teams in the world is what excites him the most for the future.

David “Filthy” Estrada

This Floridian has his mind set for the future. After over 2,000 hours in-game, the battle royale genre has become his passion, and with a game as young as PUBG, he has high hopes for the future of the competitive scene.

Brendan “Therous” Detreault

The Rhode Island native, like his teammate, wants PUBG to become a more polished game, but has a few hurdles to surpass before making it to the level of some of the more popular esports.

With continued support from streamers and tournaments, he hopes that the growth will only continue.

Aaron “aLow” Lommen

Even after playing the game for nearly 1,000 hours, Lommen still enjoys every match of PUBG, because of the diversity from one round to the next. The different pacings and strategies make the game fun for this North Dakotan, and the possibilities of a pro league and future LAN events further his excitement for the future. Always aim-oriented, he remains focused on keeping a positive personality with his teammates at all times.

Erin “Supervixen4” Minuck

Bringing an outside perspective to the team is their manager, coming from Toronto.

Although she plays at a more casual level, her attention to detail is incredibly important to the team. She focuses on the different ways each professional team rotates, positions and fights and brings back information on any patterns to help better the players. With hopes for a professional league in the future, Minuck’s passion for PUBG is met only by the players on the Trifecta roster.