Trifecta Returning to Season 6 SPL!

Published on December 12, 2018 Back to News
Trifecta 2019 Plans Trifecta has gone through quite a bit of change throughout Season 5 of the Smite Pro League. The various roster changes had our team in a constant state of reconstruction. The idea of qualifying for the Smite World Championship had started to seem like an unlikely occurrence. Fast-forward to SWC Qualifiers where the Trifecta roster battled their way through the loser bracket and took home 3rd place and solidified their place in SWC. A lot of teams may have been intimidated going up against not only the current #1 NA seed, but the reigning World Champs--eUnited. Not the Trifecta boys, they rose to the challenge and ensured that that legacy died in the first round of SWC. Our Season 5 run may have ended the following round, but Trifecta accomplished something no one had expected. A roster less than 6 months old, that included two rookies, was thrown on a stage with the 2017 SWC Champions and succeeded. The subsequent explosion in the crowd at Dreamhack is something I’ll not soon forget.
Now, what about 2019? If you follow the SmitePro Twitter page you’ve already learned that Trifecta will be returning to the SPL for Season 6! We’re extremely excited to see what this season has to offer, but the SPL is just the beginning of Trifecta’s plans for 2019. We’ll be putting a major effort into growing our community in 2019 as well. We’ve already begun recruiting for our stream team and have welcomed SavvySquints to the #TrifectaFam! We have quite a few more streamers being announced in the near future as well. We’ll also be ramping up events at Trifecta such as community game nights, giveaways, charity streams, and building up our Discord community server. Make sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any announcements!
I’m very excited to continue to grow the Trifecta brand and community as well as continue to grow as a General Manager. Thank you, #TrifectaFam!
Joey ‘Sidorros’
GM, Trifecta