Trifecta Smite Roster Changes

Published on September 05, 2018 Back to News

The Fall Split has finally begun, and as such, the Trifecta Smite roster will be seeing a few changes. Last week we said goodbye to our jungler, Suharab “Masked” Askarzada, as he retires from the Smite competitive scene after nearly three years of professional play. Though we may have lost a strong role model and shot-caller, Trifecta is proud to announce that Samuel “Sam4Soccer2” Waxman will be joining the Smite squad as our newest member.

We also have another surprise up our sleeves; for the first time this season, Trifecta Smite will be supported from the sidelines by their coach, Lior “Sata” Polani. The team was eager to sit down with us and answer a couple of questions about their adjustments with a new jungler and sixth man:

Welcome back to the SPL Sam! Tell me a bit about what it’s been like for you to finally return to SPL-level play.

Sam: ”It's definitely been fun to be back into the SPL. The SPL is always a bit more fun to play in because of the higher levels of competition, and I’m just looking to prove myself at the pro level.”

What’s it been like playing with Trifecta? Is it much different than how it was with Very Nice To Me?

Sam: “It’s been really enjoyable playing with Trifecta. Everybody is really fun to play with, are really open-minded, and obviously all good players. I'd say the main difference from my last team is that everything is taken a bit more serious and games are played at a higher skill level.”

How does Sam fit in with Trifecta? Jungle is arguably one of the most important roles in terms of synergy and mechanics, so how has it been adjusting to Sam’s playstyle?

NeiruMah: “Sam has been fitting in really well so far with everybody on the team. It is always interesting to play with a new teammate because they bring in a different perspective of the game. Sam is an innately talented player, and the transition feels fairly natural considering how little time we've had to practice with him so far. Sam has been very open-minded since joining the team and is learning very quickly, and I expect us to make great progress in the weeks to come.”

So who are you, Sata? What kind of history do you have in competitive Smite?

Sata: “I have been playing smite for around 6 years now, and started taking it seriously in early Season 4. I have been masters for every split since Season 4 Split 1, and most of my competitive experience is in the amateur scene, playing in tournaments like Smite Prime and the combine. I decided to become a coach because I saw a good opportunity that would fit well with my new school schedule and decided to take it. After I saw Zapman's tweet asking for coach applications I sent mine in, and I suppose they liked it enough to keep me around.”

What made Sata stand out among the other applicants? How has he been helpful behind the scenes?

NeiruMah: “We really wanted a coach who could provide an analytical approach, and after looking at some of Sata's work, it was clear that the resources he could provide us with would be tremendously useful. After trialing Sata, it was apparent that he had a good understanding of the game and could provide excellent input in game, as well as out of game. He has been a very great resource for everybody on the team, whether it be looking at our builds or doing research on other teams. We're all looking forward to working with Sata this split.”

What has been the most important thing you believe you have improved on since the switch, especially with guidance from the sidelines?

NeiruMah: “When Mask parted ways with the team, we had to re-evaluate our team identity and also help accommodate Sam's playstyle simultaneously. I think that this introspection for our team was necessary for us to grow and become a more disciplined team. Having Sata has helped us expedite this transitional period, allowing us to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.”

Finally, do you have a message for the fans?

NeiruMah: “We'd like to thank all of our fans for supporting the team through all these changes! We’ll be trying our hardest to improve as much and as quickly as possible to bring home some W's!”

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