#TrifectaSMITE Prepares for Super Regionals 2017!

Published on October 31, 2017 Back to News

            As Season 4 of Smite draws to a conclusion, we are approaching the HiRez Expo: Super Regionals. Only five teams from North America and five from Europe have qualified. Tyler "Hurriwind" Whitney had this to say in regards to the upcoming event:

 “For regionals, we are going to have to work extra hard on being the best we have ever been. It's the most important tournament with the exception of the World Championship itself. That means we cannot afford to skip practice and it also means we need to be ready with some new strategies to catch the other teams by surprise. We have a really good shot at doing well, and I imagine we should be putting on some great games for everyone to watch.” 

            Trifecta holds the fourth seed entering the event, fighting for one of six spots in Smite World Championship 2018. Our first match will come against eUnited on November 1st. For the full schedule and event format, check out the official Smite website.

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-TRI Carbonic